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Embassy Row Hotel_The Rooftop_Cabanas

Thrillist, Top 10 Spots to Day Drink in DC

Turn laundry, gym, and call-your-dad day into an adventure that can transport you to far-off lands like New England, Spain, and wherever a Margaritaville still operates. All it takes is the right amount of day drinking and a festive atmosphere. We’ve rounded up some old favorites and fresh picks for your next Sunday Funday.

You, your swim trunks, and a cocktail belong on the roof of the newly renovated Embassy Row Hotel. Sure, you have to pay $25 for a day pass, but all will be forgiven after your first hour of lounging in luxury with a view. The bar opens at 11am Sundays, and they’ll serve drinks and snacks off the new Station Kitchen & Cocktails menu. If you want to wait it out, roof access is free after 5pm. Just no ticking people off in the cabanas by doing your best cannonball.

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