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Splash Cycle

A Unique Workout Routine at The Embassy Row Hotel

By Sarah Gontigo


Summer is around the corner and the quest for that perfect healthy beach body begins! How about getting it without the all that crazy nasty sweat while hanging out in our beautiful rooftop? Wait? What??? Yes, you heard us! Introducing SplashCycle a high-energy underwater spin class that takes place in our pool!


Aquacycling is an underwater spinning workout where stationary bikes are placed inside a swimming pool and you pedal against the water resistance. Originally developed as a rehabilitation exercise for physical therapy purposes, it has now become a mainstream workout craze!


There are several benefits for working out in the water. First of all, your heart rate is 10% lower when you are immersed in water which means you work out with a higher intensity at a lower heart rate which is more effective and excellent to build endurance. Not to mention that your body temperature is lower and you get refreshed with each Splash so no more nasty sweating! You can burn up to 800 calories in one hour!


Familiar with those skin bumps hated by women commonly known as cellulite? Well, get ready to say goodbye to them. Aquacycling can be a more effective way of burning cellulite then working out in land. With every spin, you not only build muscles but get a nice lymphatic draining massage in your legs from the water thus improving your lymphatic circulation which helps getting rid of cellulite. 


The workout is also very low-impact and safe for your joints since the buoyancy of the water helps support your weight. It also prevents micro-fracturing of the muscles making it a virtually soreness-free workout.


Too good to be true? Well, come see it for yourself! For more information check our website at: or on The Embassy Row Hotel's events page. 


Come SPLASH with us on The Rooftop every Monday and Tuesday from 5 – 8 pm. Register today.


Sarah Gontigo is the muscle behind the splash and the head instructor for SplashCycle on The Rooftop at The Embassy Row Hotel.

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