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Recharj ® Your Mind with Meditation

One-on-One with David, Founder of recharj®  

Imagine going to work, then taking a midafternoon nap in a specialized napping pod. recharj®, Washington, D.C.’s premier meditation and power nap studio, located in the heart of Washington, D.C.’s business district does just that, and has helped our guests find a peace of mind in the middle of the city.

Last summer The Embassy Row Hotel started Wellness Weekends focusing on mind, body, and spirit. On any given weekend, you’d catch The Rooftop full with yoga classes to calm the mind, Splash Cycle to tone the body, and meditation classes to awaken the spirit.

Here’s a little background on recharj and tips on how to take meditation out of the studio and into daily life.

  1.  How and when did recharj start?

Following college and grad school, I accepted a position as a think-tank consultant in Washington, DC. As I climbed the corporate ladder, my responsibilities multiplied, stress levels escalated, and sleep became a luxury – I found myself chasing success down an unsustainable path.

This realization provoked me to search for a cool-comfy-quiet space in DC to recharge in the middle of the workday.

Failing to find anything remotely suitable, I committed to building a space and community for restorative and regenerative wellness practices, including meditation and power naps.

recharj was officially born in December 2016 at 1445 New York Ave NW.

  1. Where are you located now?

Our flagship studio is nestled in the central business district of downtown Washington, DC, right next door to the White House. The selection of our first location was intentional, not only from a marketing and PR perspective, but most importantly for business visibility and access to the professional community.

We also have partnerships with a couple of DC hotels offering rooftop classes. And… we just formally announced a new location in Bethesda, MD launching in November 2017!

  1. What is your favorite part about recharj?

By far, my favorite part is the community we have built and continue to cultivate. I am overflowing with personal gratification from providing a space for a community that is redefining wellness, whether as an elegant solution to employee burnout, a gym for the mind, or to heal invisible wounds.

The legacy recharj is building in the city of DC is something I am truly grateful for each day.

  1. What are the health benefits of meditation?

Research suggests numerous conclusive health benefits from meditation. The number one domino to fall for most is sleep.

Meditation helps tame the "monkey mind" that often keeps us restless at night. Meditation is also a performance-enhancer, developing concentration and mental clarity, it’s a stress-reliever, offering a somatic experience to release tension, and certain practices develop emotional stability and compassion towards yourself and others. Finally, those suffering from pain and trauma have also used meditation as a tool for self-care.

  1. What would you recommend for someone who is hesitant about starting/continuing meditation?

Try it for yourself! We offer a trial period -- your first 10 days for $10 -- to experience the space, experience our offerings and then continue your practice in the style and form that best suits you. Our space is an oasis in the city and our practices are evidence-based, secular and accessible.

I also encourage everyone to start with a quick web search; decades of empirical research on the benefits of meditation are at your fingertips, dispelling the “woo-woo” nature of meditation.

  1. What are your three favorite meditation tips?
  • Meditation is not “clearing the mind”. Many first-timers can feel discouraged with this expectation, however the mind’s function is to think. In fact, attempting to stop or control our thoughts often generates more stress. So, while we will never achieve an empty mind, we can learn to push the chatter to background and become the silent observer.
  • Be comfortable. Meditation is not about being the most “still” person in the room. Liberate yourself from this myth by honoring your body. If you have an itch, scratch, if your leg tightens up, release it, just remember to do so with purposeful intention.
  • Meditate with others. Meditation within a community provides the advantage of not only accountability, but also synchronicity and connection with those around you.
  1. How can you master the art of meditation?

The goal is less about mastering the practice and more about becoming the master of your own mind. Meditation is a lot like learning to play the guitar; it requires practice to reach the desired goal, whether that be learning to respond rather than react, developing compassion for yourself and others, or simply to calm the mind.

  1. How do you apply meditation to daily life?

There are many practical ways in which meditation can become the antidote to your daily grind. If you struggle with a cluttered mind at night, a regular evening meditation is a good place to start. If you’re looking to start the day on the right foot, a morning session is a great idea.

While a space like recharj is the ideal environment for the practice, meditating on the train, at your desk, or even on a walk is a great habit to start. Start small and work your way up. You don’t have to sit for thirty minutes at a time; you will find a noticeable difference in a consistent daily practice of even five minutes.

For a complete schedule of meditation classes in D.C. visit: Be on the lookout for our upcoming rooftop season with Wellness Weekends complete with recharj.



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