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How-To: The Perfect Rum and Coke Recipe

By Steven Cabreja, Assistant Food and Beverage Manager

Today I worked with our Station Kitchen & Cocktails Mixologist, Jorge Chunga to discover secret to the perfect Rum and Coke this fall. Our version will pair perfectly with our Embassy Row Experience of the month, the Mexican Shrimp Cocktail.


The secret to the perfect Rum and Coke are four things: Fresh Lime Juice, Spiced Rum, Fernet Branca and Glass Bottled Mexican Coca Cola.


To make the perfect cola you start with the following ingredients:

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Bayou Spiced Rum, Fresh Lime, Fernet Branca and Mexican Cola.



Fill your Collins Glass with Ice.


Measure out 1 oz. of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. Pour over ice.


Measure out 1 oz. of Bayou Spiced Rum. Pour over ice.


Add a teaspoon of Fernet Branca.


Top Collins Glass with more ice and cut a lime wedge. Then, squeeze over the ice.


Crack open the bottle of Mexican Coca Cola and watch the bubbles rise! Stir and garnish with a Lime Wedge.



Why are these ingredients special?


Spiced Rum is not only flavorful, but it goes down smoothly compared to your basic rums. The spices give that extra kick especially when you combine two different rums like Bayou and Captain Morgan.


In the Latino culture, Fernet Branca is commonly drank with Coca Cola. Fernet Branca is a mint based cordial that feels refreshing all the way down. Feeling bloated or full? Drink Fernet Branca. This will keep you refreshed AND reduce bloating as you drink.


Mexican Coca Cola is one of the purest and most refreshing Colas in the world. Have you had Mexican Cola? If the answer is no, go drink one. If the answer is yes, you know why Jorge uses Mexican Cola for this drink. It’s sweet and extremely revitalizing.


Together, the ingredients are magic. Spiced Rum is smooth but strong! The Fernet Branca enhances the stimulation from the Mexican Coca Cola. The Mexican Cola is sweet which complements the spice in the rum. The lime binds the drink and provides the citrus that makes you say “AGH!”


What did we learn today?


The secrets to the perfect Rum and Coke are: Spiced Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Fernet Branca and Mexican Coca Cola!


Visit Station Kitchen & Cocktails to pair your Rum and Coke with one of our internationally inspired dishes. Want to learn more about unique Rum and Coke recipes? Check out our feature in Restaurant Insider for more information. 

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