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Meet Monica Weeks

The Woman Behind DC NOW and Women’s March DC

It takes a strong heart, personality and message to head two of the most prominent women’s organizations in Washington, D.C. We interviewed, Monica Weeks, the woman behind it all!


What is your position and how you got involved with Women’s March and DC Now?

My name is Monica Weeks and I am the Vice President of Women’s March DC. I am also the President of DC NOW. When I first moved from Miami, FL to Washington, DC, I knew I wanted to join a women’s organization that worked on changing policy.

I joined DC NOW in 2013 and have been with the org ever since. I volunteered at the Women’s March with NOW handing out signs and giving people information about women’s orgs they could get involved with. After the march, I knew I wanted to get involved with this new org because it was attracting so many new activists and creating a new and intersectional movement.


What is DC NOW?

 DC NOW is the DC chapter of the National Organization for Women. We work with various orgs and the DC Council on creating policy to end discrimination against women and girls in DC.

We passed SAVRAA, the Sexual Assault Victims Rights Amendment Act of 2013, helped pass the Universal Paid Leave Act of 2016, and are currently working on One Fair Wage. We also work with Calvary Women’s Services to provide lunches to the women living there and throw them birthday parties a few times a year!


Tell us about the Women’s March!

Women’s March DC is an intersectional organization that is working to amplify the voice of our allies and bring political power to women. We formed last year after the march and align with Women’s March National’s Unity Principles.

We are developing five communities of service now which we will direct our members to get involved with:  voter suppression, discrimination against women, discrimination against communities of color, environmental justice, and a DC specific issue.

For each of these communities of service, we will identify an action, project, event, or campaign to align or work with throughout the year. We will also highlight other organizations that are doing great work and spotlight the experts in the field because we want to respect the people who have been working in their respective fields.


How are these organizations involved in the community?

DC NOW works a lot on policy and does some small amount of direct service work with Calvary but very little. Women’s March DC is still working on developing programming and campaigns but we are hosting events and fundraisers for candidates.

Both organizations are volunteer driven and do incredible work with the amount of resources available to them!


What events can we look forward to in the future?

DC NOW will be working on a lot of One Fair Wage rallies, NEAR Act training, and we host a book club once a month. We are also hosting an International Women’s Day happy hour and community expo with Dyke Bar Take Over which will be a lot of fun. We will have various queer, LGBTQ+, and women’s organizations from all over DC tabling and there will be great hh specials thanks to Embassy Row. DC NOW will also host a training on how to be an effective digital strategist with The Lemon Collective here in DC.

Women’s March DC will also host an event for International Women’s Day on March 8th and will feature new delegates from Virginia’s House, Emerge’s Political Director, and participants will have a chance to meet the new board and learn about WMDC. The theme is #PowerToThePolls and we will discuss how to get involved with signing people up to register to vote.


How can The Embassy Row Hotel’s guests get involved with Women’s March or DC NOW?

Join DC NOW’s Facebook group or visit our website where we update our events and work regularly. Likewise join Women’s March DC’s Facebook group or sign up to be a volunteer on our website.

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