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The Embassy Row Hotel_Halloween Blog Post

Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Halloween in D.C.

Finding a last-minute Halloween costume can be stressful – not to mention all the conventional costumes could be gone! Have no fear, The Embassy Row Hotel is here. Here’s are 10 easy costumes for your D.C. night out.

Rosie the Riveter
All you’ll need for this look is a red headband, red lipstick, a jean shirt, high waist jeans, and BAM. Don’t forget to show your muscles when you can.

This one’s easy-peasy. Wear all black and wear a black face mask. Dress it up wear you see fit.

Queen Bee
Dress in yellow, black and white stripes – create a paper crown with bee like antennas.

Wilma Flintstone
Grab a white off the shoulder dress, put your hair up in a bun and create a Styrofoam pearl necklace. Find your “boo”, Fred Flintstone in the crowd.

80s Teen
Go big or go home. Puff your hair out and rock some neon for a classic 80s look.

First things first, get yourself an eyepatch. Then, find some white pants (stripped are better), a white dress shirt, and a red ribbon for a belt!

Wacky Tourist
This one is near and dear to our heart. Now you can finally wear that Hawaiian t-shirt, fanny pack, long socks and sneakers you have laying around.

This one can be done so many ways, but we’re thinking a tie-dye shirt with a flowy skirt and a braid!

A classic Halloween costume – get some vampire teeth, some fake blood and wear a cape, if possible.

Hugh Hefner
All you’ll need is a robe, a sailor hat, and a cool attitude to become the biggest playboy in America.

Have fun this Halloween! Follow us on Twitter and tweet #embassyrowlove if you used a costume from our list – we can’t wait to see what you choose!

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