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Down & Dirty with Nahal Khatami

Down & Dirty with Nahal Khatami

What are three items you would bring to a desert island?

If I were stranded up a desert island I would bring as much wine as I could possibly carry, an air mattress, sun screen, a fishing net, flash light, matches, and of course my bae Ryan Gosling

If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be?

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Fiji and become a surfer – Surfs up dude!

What 3 people would you invite to a dinner party?

I would have a girl’s night dinner part with my Queen Bees – Kate Hudson, Rachel McAdams,and ChrissyTeigen

What’s your favorite kind of group to work with?

I love working with passionate people working towards the greater good of the environment, human rights, and quality. Any organization working to make our home a better place and I love helping them in their programming.

What’s the secret to your success as a Sales Manager?

I believe listening and observing is the key to any person’s success. It clears the lines of communication and allows for more work to get done successfully from both parties.

What’s the biggest career risk you’ve ever taken?

Taking risks and getting uncomfortable is the best! It’s what allows you to grow in many ways. I would say the biggest most recent risk was moving across the country to San Francisco. I took a job promotion out there with no friends or family. The experience was life changing in the best way possible. I highly recommend any one to live outside of their comfort zone and challenge themselves to take risks.

Do you have any insider hospitality tips for groups traveling to D.C.?

For any one traveling and staying at The Embassy Row Hotel, I would recommend utilizing our local experts – our great staff! They are filled with off the beaten path adventures that will bring a new light to experiencing the city. I also recommend experiencing the local flavor of each neighborhood. Each one has a unique pulse, style, and culture.

How do you celebrate a big victory at work?

The E-ROW team is fun loving and supportive. We shout our successes from the rooftops and spread our energy throughout each department. We ring bells, blow whistles, dance and cheer. Go E-ROW!

What advice do you have for your clients on the best deals?

Book in advance! We offer great promotional offers for multi-year bookings, more perks based on contract value, and we share quarterly our value dates calendar. Feel free to contact us with our current promotional offers for 2016.

Describe someone outside of your field who inspires you?

Jessica Alba is my latest inspiration. She is a mother of two, a Golden Globe-nominated actress, and has launched the Honest Company. Honest is named after her first daughter and is health & sustainable brand for household, child care, and beauty products. It’s inspiring to see a person have a great work life balance and passion for creating awareness for eco-friendly products.

Down & Dirty with Nahal Khatami Nahal Khatami, Ambassador of Inspiration

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