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Down & Dirty with Matthew Gay

Our newest team member enjoys long walks on the beach, biking, playing kickball on The Mall and April 25 (because it's not too hot or too cold). We're happy to welcome our Catering Sales Manager, Matthew Gay.

What are three items you would bring to a desert island?

Assuming there is reception, my iPhone and its solar charger (I’m going to need to be able to google things and call the family), endless supply of potable water, and sunglasses

If you could go anywhere in the world where would that be?

That would be a tossup between Istanbul or a tour of Australia and New Zealand

What 3 people would you invite to a dinner party?

Catherine the Great, Alexander the Great, and Beyoncé 

What’s your favorite kind of group to work with?

A mostly optimistic and diverse group.

What’s the biggest career risk you’ve ever taken?

Moving to DC without a job lined up after college.

Do you have any insider hospitality tips for groups traveling to D.C.?

Make time to go see some fun DC things! There are always concerts and fun neighborhood events going on. And the best way to get around the lines and crowds at the monuments is to go at night time (plus the lighting design gives the monuments a completely different look)!

How do you celebrate a big victory at work?

Depending on how big, I like to buy myself something that will last that will remind me of my accomplishments and will encourage me to push forward and to keep working hard for that next victory.

Describe someone outside of your field who inspires you.

Though his personal life has some dark sides to it, it is hard to not respect George Balanchine, Father of American Ballet. He left Russia and his professional dancing career to start a ballet movement in the US. He did this during a time when Modern and other American dance styles were extremely popular, and ballet was considered not to be cutting edge. He learned lessons from these other styles of dance and this led to his creation of his world renowned “Neoclassical Ballet” style. Today his ballet company, The New York City Ballet” (NYCB) is considered to be one of the top of ballet companies of the world, and his ballets are continuously sought to be restaged. His creativity, forward thinking, and dedication led to the establishment of world class institutes and a legacy to last the tests of time.

The Embassy Row Hotel_Matthew Gay.JPG Matthew Gay is our Catering Sales Manager.

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