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A Taste of Zimbabwean Cuisine in Washington DC

A Taste of Zimbabwean Cuisine in Washington, DC

Zimbabwe's embassy in Washington, DC is a few blocks from The Embassy Row Hotel in Dupont Circle. You'll recognize the beautiful Zimbabwe embassy on New Hampshire Avenue by the flag being flown proudly outside the main steps. We spoke to the Consulate staff at the Zimbabwe Embassy to learn more about their traditions and customary Zimbabwean dishes.

The people of Zimbabwe celebrate National Day, their Independence holiday on April 18th so be sure to wish them a Happy Independence Day. Zimbabwe celebrates Easter, Christmas, and Hero's Day in August, which is a tribute to their veterans. 

If you're a peanut butter lover, you'll be in love with Zimbabwe's food. A lot of their dishes call for peanut butter, including peanut butter soup; sounds delicious! Rainbow African Soup in Gaithersburg (a metro train and a cab ride away) serves a peanut butter soup cooked with spices, chicken, beef or fish, served with plantain fufu. Nearby, Rahama African Cuisine on 9th Street NW also serves a peanut butter soup too.

Sadza is a staple in the Zimbabwe diet. Sadza is a cornmeal paste, similar to a thick porridge, cooked with peanut butter. A dish of Sadza is typically served with vegetables and meat. Meats can range from caterpillar to fish or oxtail. Sadza is usually served in a communal bowl.

Other popular Zimbabwe dishes include dried meats with peanut butter, boiled beans with onions and tomatoes, and peanuts roasted with salt. Bukom Cafe in Adams Morgan, one metro stop from our Dupont Circle hotel, is renowned for their African food.

Tell us about the best African dishes in Washington, DC that you've tried. What unique African cuisine is available in DC?

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