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9 Page Turning Books for Your DC Vacation This Summer

9 Page-Turning Books for Your DC Vacation This Summer

When you start packing for a DC vacation, consider packing some page turners to read by the pool at The Embassy Row Hotel. We've gathered a list of page turners that hit close to home. From memoirs to terrorist thrillers, the plot of these books take place at The Embassy Row Hotel. We save a perfect spot for you on our DC rooftop to relax and read this summer.

The Embassy Row Hotel is in the plot of many best-selling books. Here's the running list of books to read:

Inside Delta Force: Former United States Army counter-terrorist commando Eric L. Haney wrote in his 2002 memoir about his experience in Inside Delta Force. Haney's Delta Force "graduation exercise" (which consisted of eluding the Federal Bureau of Investigation for as long as he could) began in The Embassy Row Hotel with a meeting in the former Le Consulat restaurant.)

Acts of Mercy: Bill Pronzini and Barry N. Malzberg's 1977 thriller novel is about a rancher and a railroad enthusiast, a popular maverick whose meteoric rise to the Presidency dumbfounded every self-styled expert in Washington. But scandal threatens when someone is murdered in the White House. A loyal secret service agent will do anything to protect the President.

The Road to Omaha: Robert Ludlum's 1992 comic thriller introduces us to General MacKenzie Hawkins and his legal wizard, Sam Devereaux, whose plot to kidnap the Pope has spun wildly out of control. The book will keep you in non-stop suspense. Chicago Tribune reviews it: "Never begin a Ludlum novel if you have to go to work the next day."

Cocktails and Murder on the Potomac: Mary-Jane Deeb's murder mystery is a special treat as she leads you through disappearances and murders at the most popular sites and watering holes in Washington, D.C., including The Embassy Row Hotel.

Blowback: You won't be able to put this book down. Brad Thor is as New York Times best-selling author. Scot Harvath's counter-terrorism career has come to an end until the war on terror requires the president to bring Harvath back instead. Blowback is a timely story that is "ripped from the headlines," with references to people and organizations that we read about in the news every day.
The Cyrus Cylinder: Nicholas Hazel's 2012 thriller takes murder mystery to a new level. Old secrets and grudges result in murder, while a group of academics are in the city. One of the academics, Nick Moor is determined to find the killer or killers. He finds a haunting connection during his journey.

Tales of an American Culture Vulture: The hotel is mentioned in Bill McGuire's 2003 book about cultural exchanges. Rumor has it that Bill never intended for this book to be published. What caused the Voice of America to stop hiring Russian-speaking Americans and to replace them with recent Soviets? Author Bill McGuire explores this in Tales of an American Culture Vulture.

Sacred Memories: Marlene Stewart Jones' memoir about charitable religious work. Marlene writes, 'This history has given me an opportunity to relive memorable experiences and learn more about myself and what I consider to be the most important aspects of mortal life and my eternal potential. I hope that my history helps those that I love understand me better and influences their lives.'

Trilogy Called Tribes!: Richard Curtis Williams' 2011 thriller is a series of short stories, but you won't be able to find out much more information about it.

We hope these are entertaining summer reads for you. These books will feel more surreal when you're in Washington, D.C., exploring the sites at the same time. Don't want to pack books? Ship them to the hotel (a small $4 handling fee does apply).

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