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8 Life Lessons From Our Bartender Calvin

8 Life Lessons From Our Bartender Calvin

1.                   What’s your favorite drink on the menu?

The Cure – Scotch, Sweet Vermouth, Amaro & Zucca

2.                   How do you help cheer up a customer who is having a rainy day?

I like to look after them, tell them a joke or a nice story. When it’s a really bad day I would do a one on one

3.                   What drink ingredients would you bring to a desert island?

Tequila, limes, sugar, kiwi syrup, mint, and rum

4.                   What drink would you make for a customer that says, “just make me anything” ?

A Green-Eyed Lady. It’s made of basil, cucumbers muddle, lime, sage spirits, St. Germaine & soda water

5.                   How do you make customer feel extra special when it’s their birthday?

Get a small cake or a virgin cocktail on the house. I’ll sing you the happy birthday song (if you’re extra special)

6.                   What’s the one golden rule you live by while bartending?

Always deliver great customer service. Listen. Interact. Deliver.

7.                   What’s your method to the madness of handling a bar full of people?

 Try to keep people in good spirits, whilst I try to serve as many guests as I can

8.                   What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received from a customer?

Do what you have to now, so you can do what you want to do in the future. 

8 Life Lessons From Our Bartender Calvin Calvin preparing The Cure at Station Kitchen &Cocktails (Photography by @wellfedlife via Instagram)

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