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10 New Years Resolutions That Are Wacky Enough To Work

10 New Years Resolutions That Are Wacky Enough To Work

  1. Learn a decent party trick! You know that party trick you always throw out after a few drinks?  Think about it; is it really so impressive in the cold light of day? If the answer is no, it’s about time you take on a new trick... one that will really impresses. Mastering a new skill – no matter how silly – can boost your self-confidence, as well as earning you some serious social kudos the next time you show it off. 
  2. Break a world record. Did you know the longest coin spinning duration in 25.71 seconds? That’s pretty impressive, but come on, it can definitely be topped in 2016. Take a gander at the Guinness World Records to see how you can break a record or set your own.
  3. Turn off you phone for an entire weekend once a month. Disconnect and unplug, my friends. Buy a disposable camera if you want to save your visuals. You'll be surprised how freeing it is to disconnect from the digital world. A monthly detox from your mobile device can really help you get back on track.
  4. Everybody wants to lose 10 pounds right? Take a fitness class you think is bizarre. AcroYoga or Tae Kwon Doe are easy ones to start with. Start by finding an exercise activity that really excites you more than signing up for another gym membership.
  5. Never eat at the same restaurant twice. They're over $100 restaurant in downtown DC and over 3700 restaurants in the District, so you won't run out. I know we all like returning to our favorites, but this way you can turn out the some new pockets of the city. Plus you have such a large pool of eateries to choose from, you don't have to worry about being too picky. Don’t know where to start DCFoodporn, EdibleDC, and DC Cool are a few local guides of drool worthy dishes. Don’t be afraid to become a DC foodie!
  6. Go 24 hours without complaining. Twist everything that would usually annoy you into a neutral zone or even a positive. Lessen your stress by learning not to sweat over the little things.
  7.  For your nights in, try not to immediately flick on the Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, we love burning the midnight oil through a new series on our comfy couches too, but you can do some much more with your night in. Try collaging a bunch of old photos, or spend the entire evening cooking an elaborate meal.
  8.  Throwback to childhood tricks. If you never learned how to hula hoop, swing effortless in between the monkey bars, or learn to double-dutch, then 2016 is the year to tack on that new talent. You may not be able to show off your new trick at the playground, but furthering your skills with these playful pastimes will always add spark to your day.
  9. It’s time to ditch your top 40 hits on your music playlist and expanding your musical palette. Pop culture is so easy to nestle into because it’s everywhere we turn. Try opera, punk rock or some ol’ school Motown. It’s time to fall in love with a musical genre all over again.
  10. Order a different drink to every bar you go step foot in. We all have our favorites and it’s understandable to stick with what’s known. Have you really been waiting 21 years to legally drink in public only to order the same drink night in and night out? Don’t you owe your younger years of wonder a bit more variety? We are not saying you’ll have some strike outs, but your taste buds will definitely thank us at the end of 2016. Thrillist’s Drink at DC’s 8 Best Cocktail Bars is a good place to start for some game-changers

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